Laivi Põder

Laivi Põder (Laivi Illustration)

I present to you Laivi Põder, my first favorite artist.


Her visuals have made me dream for years, it was a huge pride to be able to collaborate with her. What joy I felt when she accepted the brand's puzzle project.

Her universe is wonderful , each illustration transports us with her.

Working with her was a no-brainer. I discovered an adorable person , beyond the artist.


For the launch of the brand in Autumn 2022, it was impossible for me to resign myself to a single puzzle : I therefore chose 2 illustrations with autumn and winter tendencies. These two models are the store's bestsellers.

In order to prepare for the arrival of Spring 2023, a 3rd puzzle has joined the catalog, under the name of "Cottage and pink fields". These 3 puzzles are also available in mini format 99 pieces.



Find them in the store :