A partnership ?

About partnerships ~ Artists, illustrators

If you are an artist and would like to see one of your puzzle illustrations, show me your work. Write to me at contact@la-fabrique-a-puzzles.com or on social networks (Facebook/Instagram), La Fabrique à Puzzles pages. If your art corresponds to the universe of the brand, I will be delighted to collaborate with you.

For printing services ~ Freelancers, Associations, Companies

If you are a freelancer (professional or amateur artist, photographer, cartographer, graphic designer, etc.) or an individual, an association or a company, and you would like to produce one or more puzzles with your image, photo or illustration, without encumbering yourself with formalities with a manufacturer, this is possible, even in small quantities. You can contact me by email at contact@la-fabrique-a-puzzles.com or on social networks. Tell me about your project, I will be happy to accompany you and help you make your project a reality.

If you want to be a Professional Reseller

If you are a store, a shop, or any business with a sales area, and you want to offer puzzles to your customers, you can contact me by email at contact@la-fabrique-a-puzzles.com. I will send you my prices and terms of resale.

See you soon for great collaborations,