Tarn Ellis

Tarn Ellis


I present to you Tarn Ellis, my third artist of the brand.


Artist discovered this year, I fell for her somewhat specific art. Again, I was very happy that she followed me in my project and that she trusted me immediately.

Her universe immediately transported me to soothing, relaxing atmospheres, where well-being, spirituality and acceptance occupy a central place.

Tarn is a person with a big heart, she is an adorable person.

I chose the atmosphere of the soothing bath for our first collaboration in Fall 2022, and the woman in the hammock for Winter 2022. I hope you find as much serenity and well-being in the realization of these models.


These puzzles are also available in mini format, tap "tarn ellis" to find them all.

Find them in the store https://www.la-fabrique-a-puzzles.com/collections/all